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Roma Avishai – 30 years of experience

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Roma Avishai – Professional Graphologist



Advised companies and organizations for thirty years pertaining to personnel selection.

Appeared in court to evaluate the veracity of disputed documents.

  • Hosted a radio program from 1987-1997, “Between the Lines with Roma Avishai,” devoted to analyzing the handwriting of famous historical figures (statesmen, artists, writers, and scientists) accompanied by discussions with  biographers and historians.


  • Lectured on graphology at international congresses on the subject, such as Personnel Screening, Leadership expression in handwriting (based, among others on the analysis of  Winston Churchill handwriting and its development during his life), The balance between emotionality and creativity (based on the analysis of the handwriting of great composers, among others Beethoven, Schumann and Mahler).   


  • Wrote articles about graphology for professional and popular newspapers and journals, such as “The Graphologist”, The Journal of the British Institute of Graphologists and “Graphology” the journal of The Society for Scientific Graphology-Israel



  • B.A., Psychology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  
  • B.A., Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
  • M.B.A. Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  
  • Professional Handwriting Analyst 1990, American Association of Handwriting Analysts,  
  • Professional Graphologist 1991, Society for Scientific Graphology-Israel  


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