Professional Graphologist

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Roma Avishai – 30 years of experience

Services Provided

1. Personnel screening

The method chosen for personnel screening depends on a job’s importance and the number of candidates.

In-depth analysis is generally preferable when there are one or two contenders vying for an executive position. On the basis of the candidate’s handwriting and drawings the graphologist can discern personality traits and evaluate suitability for the specific position.  

Short analysis is usually applied for secretarial positions or unskilled jobs. It is usually shorter, as it needs not refer to the skills which are net relevant for her/his work. For example secretary will not be expected to have managerial skills, which will be demanded from candidate for the position of branch director.  

Grading candidates is a relevant method when there are numerous applicants for a position. Sorting helps the employer choose those with the best potential for the job, after which an in-depth examination may follow.


2. Evaluation of disputed documents, including falsifications

This process aims at establishing the authenticity or falseness of a disputed document

as well as its true author. Handwriting and signatures are analyzed along with alterations, additions, or deletions in documents of all types, including medical records. The resulting opinion provides judges, private persons, and lawyers with an expert’s analysis valid in court cases.  

The commonly disputed documents are checks, contracts, wills and anonymous, threatening letters. Contracts, receipts, land transfers, deeds, checks, and medical records are also contested for suspected alterations in text and changes of date.

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