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Oscar Wilde

The two very different handwriting samples below convey the personalities of the people who wrote them.

The passage on the left? was written by the great Irish playwright and novelist, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900).

Wilde’s literary achievements, in particular his plays, enjoy as much popularity today as they did over a century ago.Unfortunately, his brilliant career was cut short prematurely after he was tried for homosexuality, a crime in Victorian England, and forced to seek exile in France, where he died.

Wilde’s handwriting was aesthetically pleasing, with round letter shapes that are soft and sensual, as if drawn by a paintbrush. They indicate his soft and pliable character, ill-suited to confrontation.

In contrast, the second handwriting sample belongs to Wilde’s mother, the Irish poet Lady Jane Francesca Wilde (1820-1896). She wrote rapidly with big, angular letters slanted to the right that indicate an impulsive and aggressive temperament.

┬áThe long t-bars point to her need to be in charge. In general, Lady Wilde’s script reveals the strong will, hot temper, and personality of an imposing and domineering person. Living with such a mother may have caused her son to develop a capacity for pleasing and charming others instead of challenging them.These contrasting examples of handwriting show two people with opposite personalities.

In Wilde’s case, his writing thrown some light on his behavior, his ability to charm others, including his audiences, and his sexual preferences.

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